Offering services such as Fridge/Refrigeration Repairs, Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms, Refrigeration Repairs, Ice Machine Repairs, Underbar Fridge Repairs & Much more.



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Offering services such as Fridge/Refrigeration Repairs, Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms, Refrigeration Repairs, Ice Machine Repairs, Underbar Fridge Repairs & Much more.

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ABC Refrigeration

ABC Refrigeration is situated in Johannesburg and is a company with an established reputation in the refrigeration services industry. We specialize in the installation and repairs of all types of fridges, as well as cold rooms, freezers, clean rooms, mobile cold rooms, and many more. Our service areas include the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for Gauteng, Pretoria, and Centurion areas.

Our business is focused on all clientele that renders any services related to refrigeration. With over 10 years’ worth of experience in the refrigeration industry, we aim to always supply our customers a cost-effective solution as well as fast, reliable, and honest service. In doing so, we always build strong business relationships through quality service delivery. Please call ABC Refrigeration for all refrigeration services today!

“At ABC Refrigeration, we realize the need for quickness when it comes to your fridge services. That’s why we’re available 24/7 for a timely response to your needs”


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Offering services such as Fridge/Refrigeration Repairs, Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms, Refrigeration Repairs, Ice Machine Repairs, Underbar Fridge Repairs & Much more.

What we do

Fridge/Refrigeration Repair & Installations

Freezer Repairs & Installations 

Ice Machines Repair & Installations

Cold Room Repairs & Installations

Upright Cooler and underbars

Display Chiller & Heat Pumps

#1 Fridge/Refrigeration Repair & Installations

We understand exactly how stressful a malfunctioning fridge can be. Whether you need Fridge repairs or Freezer repairs, we see no logical reason to further compound your stress by making you wait several days for the needed repairs or to give up a day’s work so you can wait around for a repair person who refused to commit to a set time. ABC Refrigeration offers a wide range of services with regards to fridge repairs including regassing, part replacement, installation and any other services related to refrigeration. We service all brands including, Samsung, Defy, Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, KIC & more. Give us a ring for your services today.

We provide fridge repairs for most problems including

  • Fridge tripping mains switch
  • Fridge running but not cooling
  • Fridge running a few second then cuts off.
  • Fridge displaying an error code on the display panel
  • Fridge leaking water onto the floor
  • Fridge no longer dispenses ice- in the case of ice-dispensers.
  • Flushing a red light instead of green.
  • Making unusual noise
  • Over-freezing
  • Too much ice build up in the fridge compartment
  • Odors-Bad smell-Food going bad
  • Fridge shocking when you touch it
  • The door won’t close
  • Refusal to start

#2 Freezer Repairs & Installations

When your freezer or coldroom is not working properly, it can be a real irritation and leave some nasty cents. That is where ABC Refrigeration comes in. We do full turnkey fitments of coldroom/freezer room installations. As well as repairs to issues. We offer a guarantee on all our services so please call us for all related matters.

#3 Ice Machines Repair & Installations

We offer all related services and installations to ice machines. A repair Is inevitable If your fridge is leaking water or making noise but not cooling.

#4 Cold Room Repairs & Installations

We are best in the installation and repairs of cold rooms and freezer room at the best possible prices. Our team is known best in quick and precise diagnosis for further repair and services and maintenance. ABC Refrigeration has highly skilled technicians who are able to solve all sought of complex problems in any kind of cold rooms. Call us for your cold room repairs & installations matters.

#5 Upright Cooler and underbars

We are specialists in installing and repairs of upright fridges at competitive prices.

“ If you have an emergency appliance repair need, simply call our 24-hour emergency number”

Call Now 071 750 6304 or 068 546 2271

#6 Display Chiller & Heat Pumps

ABC Refrigeration is ready to assist and offer you a solution for your display chillers, maintenance, and repair needs.  Our experienced team offers a professional service and will get your display chiller back to being new. Outstanding service is what we do.

Heat Pump We offer all services on heat humps. We offer a host of different options so please contact us for any of your Service, Maintenance, or Repair needs.

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“Our wide range of repairs/services cater to all industries such as residential, commercial, and industrial sectors”

“Of course, our technicians never leave a mess or traces of the repair process. This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of damaging your appliance during transport.”

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